63 Beetle Parts Wanted!!!

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63 Beetle Parts Wanted!!!

Post by ericdhartman »

Hi all,

Going to break in my first post on the new site with a shopping list for my new 63 ragtop. If you have any of the listed parts, send me a PM with a price and picture of the parts, or email them to me at ericdhartman@gmail.com. I'd rather buy them from my club friends than a random stranger on TheSamba.

Looking for the folllowing:

- Nice Bumpers with over riders and supports
- Round Door mirror for drivers side
- Body Trim
- Muffler (Stale Air)
- Heat exchangers (Stale Air)
- Correct Year Radio (Motorola? Blaupunkt?)
- Rocker Patches (Where running boards attach)
- Nice door handles
- Wiper arm pivot bushings (Where they come out of the body)

Lemme know what ya got.


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