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I've been asked a few times what gauges I have in my bus. Below are the links to all the parts. I run an oil pressure, oil temp and a tachometer.

My tach is a Sun Pro that I bought at a local parts store. They sell a bunch of different styles. Just make sure it works on a 4cyl engine.The rest of gauges I ordered online. Right now CIP1 has a sale going on with free shipping. All the gauges below will run you about $100. Don't buy any install kits. Just buy a roll of wire at your local hardware store. A lot cheaper!

Any questions about the gauges. Let me know!

Black Face Cockpit Oil Temp Gauge 300F ... D310%2D012

Black Face Cockpit Oil Pressure gauge 80psi ... D350%2D040

2 gauge holder ... D240%2D028

80psi Sender with idiot light ... D360%2D006

300F Oil Temp Sender for VW oil drain plug ... D323%2D055
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